Aycan Print

Ideal for anyone who wants to easily and cost-effectively share radiological images and others with referring physicians and patients, and annotate and save patient files.

aycan xray-print lets you print radiological and other on plain paper in the next film quality medical images.

printing solution paper-DICOM to share radiological images with referring physicians and patients

Hospitals and clinics are looking for inexpensive ways to produce prints nondiagnostic of sufficient quality so that doctors can use for planning and consultation treatment with colleagues and patients introduction of aycan xray-print, printing solution paper normal that allows you to easily and cost effectively print, share, review, annotate and store high quality images.

Easy integration and simplified workflow

Compatible with PACS and modalities using the DICOM 3.0 standard, aycan xray-print integrates seamlessly into the existing workflows. In addition, there is no need for special training as aycan xray-print is operated as a printer movie. In fact, as it will remove the special printing, handling, storage, transport and other infrastructure necessary for the film, which really will simplify the work process and their referring physicians.

Optimized for excellent image quality

aycan xray-print software receives DICOM images of a form, and then prints in color or black and white on a certified aycan printer. To get quality impressions about the film, the hardware and software have been optimized for medical imaging. You can even print quality tune through simple user interface. Features such as tables (Plut) presentation, you can easily access set defaults and adjust the output settings of image quality, such as brightness, grayscale, and contrast for each modality.

extraordinary savings

From start to finish, working with film is expensive and laborious. Replace the film with the role and can share images with minimal expense, eliminating the need and the cost of special processing, handling and storage, and reduce the cost of labor associated with monitoring, reporting and transportation of the movie. You also save on compliance and other environmental costs associated with the use of chemical-based film and minimize the impact on the environment.